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When Beauty Fits You Right
LLACES was founded on the basis that basic wearables lacked the chic and sexiness in comfortable apparels. They either looked bad but comfortable, or chic yet uncomfortable. We see the gap in bringing to market a collection of chic, sexy and comfortable products that women can enjoy for an affordable price tag. Women of all kind can now enjoy comfortable varieties of clothing yet looking chic and sexy all the time.
We know that women these days feel insecure about many things- including themselves. The LLACES tagline, "When beauty fits you right", is all about empowering women to feel confident every time they put on a LLACES product.
Every LLACES product is scrutinized to every detail in order to fit into the criteria of being sexy, chic, and comfortable to wear. Our products are designed and developed from scratch by our team of creatives and professionals from Los Angeles, California. Fabrics are handpicked and modified to the standards of LLACES requirements. Most importantly, production is all made in-house to guarantee the quality of the products that is being delivered to women from all corners of the world.
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